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CIBSE event: Bats & Lighting / Lighting outside the Borders of Standards

Eastleigh - Free to ECA members

External Event

14 March 2019

6.30pm buffet, 7.00pm presentation starts

The Holiday Inn
M3 Junction 13
Leigh Road
SO50 9PG

Presentation 1:

Joanna Ferguson, Environment Officer, Built Environment Officer for the Bat Conservation Trust 

The paper will focus on the impact of artificial light at night on bats and how recent research has led to the updating of national and international standards. This includes the Institution of Lighting Professionals guidance note (08) on bats and artificial lighting in the UK which Joanna co-wrote.

Presentation 2:

This presentation will examine how lighting standards for the workplace impact upon an ageing workforce and provide attendees with a broader view on how to work ‘Outside the Standard'.

The presentation will include:
• The latest findings on the visual and non-visual pathways in the eyes
• The ageing eye and challenges we face when we grow older
• How to plan for the personal lighting in a global ageing community

For further information and to register for the event please click here.

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