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Commercial Best Practices

The information provided here will help improve your business practices, offer suggestions as to how you may survive the threats of the political and economic environment and then to determine the most efficient response or growth strategy.

Addressing Business Challenges

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DBS Checks (Previously CRB)

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Down to Earth - how to do business effectively

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Information Resource Sheets

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Paper G - Competition Law

(PDF, 228 kB)

This guidance note is a summary of the risks and considerations businesses should acknowledge and adhere to when trading, in order to remain compliant with competition law.

Published 10 Jul 2019

Loaning of Labour

(PDF, 246 kB)

This guidance is targeted at those Members who wish to enter into an agreement whereby they engage labour from another Member for a set period or project.

Published 10 Jul 2019

ECA Tender Check & Pre-Contract Checklist

(PDF, 50 kB)

This is a checklist to ensure all the essential matters have been considered before committing to an Agreement. A joint publication with BESA.

Published 13 Jun 2019

Down to Earth - Paper 9 Relationships

(PDF, 277 kB)
Published 17 May 2017Last reviewed 17 May 2017

Cash Flow 2016

(PDF, 46 kB)

This guidance leaflet considers how to manage and control both income and expenditure to ensure there is sufficient short term finance available to meet short term obligations.

Published 26 Apr 2017Last reviewed 26 Apr 2017

ECA Guidance on Collateral Warranty

(PDF, 296 kB)

Guidance which introduces and explains what a Collateral Warranty means.

Published 30 Mar 2017Last reviewed 30 Mar 2017

ECA Basics of Contract

(PDF, 175 kB)

The practical constituent parts of entering into a contract. A joint publication from the ECA and BESA.


ECA Getting Paid

(PDF, 49 kB)

Helping your customers to pay on time and the right amount, amounts to good business sense, here’s how.


Negotiating Tips for Success

(PDF, 56 kB)

Some pointers that anyone can do to help achieve deliver a deal that both parties can feel satisfied by.


ECA Protecting Profit

(PDF, 51 kB)

A series of hints and tips that can be applied easily to any business in order to retain hard earned profits.


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